Oldest photo of Mound Rd.

The Warren Historical Commission and Warren Historical Society have been responsible for the marking of over two dozen historical sites in our area and they are working on more. 
The first historical marker was the Groesbeck marker on Mound Road between 12 and 13 Mile Roads. 
Click on the photos below for a larger view of the pictures.
Arsenal Acres
currently Salvation Army
24140 Mound Rd.
(E. side, N. of Stephens-9 1/2 Mile Rd.)
Arsenal Acres Marker Salvation Army More Info
Base Line Feed Store 21015 Van Dyke
(W. Side, between Toepfer & Eight Mile Rd.)
Baseline Feed Store Marker Baseline Feed Store More Info
Behrns-Qualmann Home
5297 E. 10 Mile Road
(between Ryan & Mound Rds.)
Behrns Qualmann Marker Behrns Qualmann Home
Bunert-Weier Farm 28241 Bunert
(W. side, S. of Twelve Mile Rd.)
Weier Farm Marker Weier Farm More Info
Bunert One Room School 27900 Bunert
(south side of Warren Woods Tower High School)
Bunert School National MarkerBunert School State Marker Bunert School House More Info
Claeys House
currently SHAR Macomb
6902 Chicago Rd.
(S. side, W. of Van Dyke)
Claeys House Marker Claeys House
Coliant Corporation
currently Integrated Holdings LLC
5520 Chicago Road (13 1/2 Mi.)
(between Ryan & Mound Rds.)
Coliant Marker Coliant
Cutrubes-Seefried House
3000 E. 13 Mile Road (13 1/2 Mi.)
(between Ryan & Dequindre Rds.)
Cutrubes-Seefried Marker Cutrubes-Seefried
Detroit Arsenal Tank Plant
Tank Ave.
(N. of 11 Mile Rd., W. of Van Dyke)
Detroit Arsenal Tank Plant Marker Detroit Arsenal Tank Plant
Detroit Memorial Cemetery 4280 E. 13 Mile Road
(Between Ryan & Mound Rds.)
Detroit Memorial Cemetery Marker Detroit Memorial Cemetery More Info
First Baptist Church of Warren 31707 Seventh St. at Filmore
(W. of Mound Rd. & S. of Chicago Rd.)
First Baptist Church Marker First Baptist Church More Info
Fitzgerald Recreation Center/USO 4355 E. Nine Mile Road
(Between Ryan & Mound Rds.)
Fitzgerald Recreation Center/USO Marker Fitzgerald Recreation Center/USO More Info
Flynn House 6048 Chicago Rd.
(S. side, E. of Mound)
Flynn House Marker Flynn House More Info
Gillett-Beer Farm 4201 Chicago Rd.
(N. side, E. of Ryan Rd.)
Gillett Farm Marker Gillett Farm More Info
GM Tech Center
GM Heritage Center
East side of Mound Rd.
(between 12 Mile Rd. and 13 Mile Rd., at the GM Tech Center entrance)
GM Tech Center Marker GM Tech Center
Gov. Alex J. Groesbeck East side of Mound Rd.
(between 12 Mile Rd. and 13 Mile Rd., at the GM Tech Center entrance)
Gov. Alex J. Groesbeck Marker Gov. Alex J. Groesbeck More Info
Eugene B. Groesbeck Park
22221 Memphis Ave.
(S. of 9 Mile Rd. & E. of Van Dyke)
Groesbeck Park Marker Groesbeck Park
Norman Halmich Park
3001 E. 13 Mile Road
(between Ryan and Dequindre Rds.)
Halmich Park Marker Norman Halmich Park
Hoard House
currently Lyle Elliott Funeral Home
31730 Mound Rd.
(E. side, S. of Chicago Rd.)
Hoard House Marker Hoard House More Info
Joiner House 31715 Seventh St.
(W. of Mound Rd. & S. of Chicago Rd.)
Joiner House Marker Joiner House More Info
Murthum-Vandervlucht House 5820 Murthum
(W. of Mound Rd. & N. of Chicago Rd.)
Murthum House Marker Murthum House More Info
Peck's "Village View" Farm 4881 Chicago Rd.
(Between Mound Rd. & Ryan Rd.)
Peck Farm Marker Peck Farm
Red Run Creek Mound Rd. (N. of Chicago Rd., both sides of the road)
and Van Dyke (N. of Chicago Rd., both sides of the road)
Red Run Creek Marker Red Run Creek More Info
School District #4 Two Room Schoolhouse
currently Santa Maria Lodge
28024 Bunert Road
(between 11 & 12 Mile Rds.)
2 Room Schoolhouse Marker 2 Room Schoolhouse
St. Paul United Church of Christ 31654 Mound Rd.
(E. side, S. of Chicago Rd.)
St. Paul Marker St. Paul United Church of Christ More Info
Theisen House 12240 10 Mile Rd.
(S. side, E. of Hoover Rd.)
Theisen House Marker St. Paul United Church of Christ More Info
Ulrich Lumber Company
currently Kimberly Fence
6470 E. 9 Mile Road
(between Mound & Van Dyke Rds.)
Ulrich Lumber Marker Ulrich Lumber
Village/Eckstein Park
31948 Mound Road
(between Chicago & 14 Mile Rds.)
Village Eckstein Park Marker Village Eckstein Park
Village of Warren Chicago Rd. & Mound Rd.
(In the median N. of Chicago Rd.)
Village of Warren Marker Village of Warren More Info
Warren Co-Operative Company Chicago Rd. at the R.R. Crossing
(N. side of Chicago Rd., W. of Van Dyke)
Warren Co-Op Marker Warren Co-Op More Info
Warren Union Cemetery 4433 Chicago Rd.
(N. side of Chicago Rd., E. of Ryan Rd.)
Warren Union Cemetery Marker Warren Union Cemetery More Info
Warren Village Hall 5961 Beebe at Flynn
(N. of 13 Mile Rd., E. of Mound Rd.)
Village Hall Marker Village Hall More Info
Wiegand Park 8700 Toepfer Rd.
(Between 8 & 9 Mile Rds.)
Wiegand Park Marker Wiegand Park More Info
Wilson-Bosh Home 5711 Filmore at 7th St.
(S. of Chicago Rd., W. of Mound Rd.)
Wilson-Bosh Marker Wilson-Bosh Home More Info
Young's Garden Mart
currently Kutchey Family Farm Market
27825 Ryan Road
(between 11 & 12 Mile Rds.)
Young's Garden Mart Marker Young's Garden Mart
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